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AI : we’re Datrix

We are a Tech Company Group specialised in Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning, listed on Euronext Growth Milan.


AI stands for Actionable Intelligence

The role of Artificial Intelligence is to accelerate human intelligence, not to replace it.

We combine the most relevant data and drive it with our proprietary algorithms, to bring more value to your business.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to multiply the impact and measurability of your strategic choices, to enable you to truly understand the data and activate it in the most useful way for your business.

We are constantly evolving.

2010 – Start Up

We founded 3rdPlace, with a focus on Digital Data Analytics.

2011 – Data integration

We have developed the first proprietary solution for large companies to integrate, analyze and visualize data from different sources.

2014 – Big Data Application

We have developed technology in collaboration with international companies, research centres and universities to analyse external data to measure its impact on the financial world.

2016 – AI Applications

We have developed our own proprietary Machine Learning and NLP algorithms for analysing large amounts of data, both internal and external to the company.

2017 – FinScience development

We applied Machine Learning and alternative data analysis in the fintech field.

2018 – Constitution of Datrix group

We launched our Augmented Analytics solutions on the market.

2019 – Acquisition

We acquired ByTek and PaperLit, for the MarTech sector.

2020 – Data Monetization

We launched the Integrated Data Monetization and Proposition project.

2021 – International expansion

We acquired Adapex (Data Monetization area) in the USA, with the aim of consolidating our internalization.

Leadership team

A team of pioneers who continue to do business on a global scale.

After Google, we put our experience in Digital, Analytics, FinTech and Alternative Data to good use.


We are people, before numbers.

We are more than 130 professionals, different in skills and personalities, but united by a similar mindset, one that recognizes the value of doing things together. We work with data and know that its value lies in relationships.
An atom alone is just an atom, but two atoms coming together is already substance.
We know that the same is true for people and for big companies.

Investor relations

Useful information for our shareholders

A collection of Datrix S.p.A.’s communications, presentations, financial statements and reports are available for the financial community to learn about and monitor corporate results.