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AI for Data Monetization

A technology framework dedicated to Publishers, Retailers and Advertisers, based on user-generated data.

To create circular and transparent value

For Publishers and Bloggers, because it allows them to make the most of their content.
For Retailers, because it enables new revenue lines based on user data.
For Advertisers, who can reach alternative audiences and achieve better conversion rates.

To get the most out of your content users’ data, while fully respecting their privacy.

Publishers and Bloggers

  • Optimizes first-party data collection and analysis
  • Integrate first-party digital data with CRM and other business sources in a single data lake
  • Turn unregistered users into advertising audiences with our predictive profiling models
  • Maximize revenues from programmatic advertising
  • Create and distribute your content through dedicated apps and speakers
  • Digitize your print archives and enhance your content inventory


  • Transparently collect all data from users who have surfed your site, even those who have not purchased
  • Monetize this data in the advertising market


  • Reach unconventional, hyper-profiled audiences and greater propensity to buy with AI
  • Get better conversion rates
  • Ensure maximum brand safety and transparency.

AI solutions and services for Data Monetization.


To create and distribute digital publication with a branded mobile app, through full-stack DIY digital publishing software.


To engage your audience and increase revenues by offering relevant content, via Google and Amazon smart speakers.


To monitor reports on Ads behavior, Bidding info, Bad Ads tracking, CMP monitoring, and more, with a single Console.


To collect and normalize data from various demand and analytics sources in a single, transparent dashboard.


To manage header bidding with an easy to implement and well performing solution,
featuring plug-and-play compatibility across every site.


To connect publishers to the leading identity service providers, thereby attracting the premium campaigns and higher CPMs.

Thanks to AI, we are increasingly accelerating the process of virtuous contamination and mutual enhancement of disciplines, aptitudes, methodologies and sectors.

Research & Development

Diversity and Inclusion applied to Alternative Data.

Proprietary Data and Alternative Data: Even more value, together.