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AI for FinTech

AI-based solutions and alternative data to help Financial Services and companies extract and distill valuable information in the most effective way.

A new approach to Finance

Generating new investment ideas by integrating traditional financial data with alternative data
Improving portfolio diversification with thematic investments
Identifying emerging risk factors and measuring the impact of social opinions on financial results
Improving, simplifying and speeding up processes and decisions in financial organizations, with automated credit and document analysis.

Data Science technologies applied to Investing and Banking, with Augmented Analytics solutions.

With the most advanced technologies of Natural Language Processing, Topic Modeling, Computer Vision, Entity Recognition we analyze, interpret and transform the most relevant Alternative Data into numbers, time series, indicators and scores, for:

  • monitoring specific companies or stocks
  • identifying trends before they explode, with a customized alert system
  • selecting the best stocks and favoring the strategies of Asset Management, Wealth Management, ESG Management, advanced private investors
  • obtaining an ESG score that truly reflects the perception of stakeholders


AI solutions for FinTech

Thematic investing AI

To identify long-term investment trends and optimize stock picking accordingly, monitoring them in real time through sentiment analysis and interest rate.

ESG Scoring AI

To fully assess corporate ESG commitments, combining internal data with alternative external data, measuring the actual sentiment of stakeholders.

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to answer every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating it.

Thanks to AI, we are increasingly accelerating the process of virtuous contamination and mutual enhancement of disciplines, aptitudes, methodologies and sectors.

Research & Development

Diversity and Inclusion applied to Alternative Data.

Proprietary Data and Alternative Data: Even more value, together.

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