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Machine Learning Model Serving

Applications and models of artificial intelligence to help every company compete in the data age, with tangible benefits for all business functions.

To respond to every business need with relevant data

Predicting the demand for products and services
Fraud and Anomaly Detection
IoT Activity Detection
Optimizing logistics and warehousing
Optimize assortment and components
Optimizing Workforce Productivity

We develop smart, transparent and scalable data analysis and activation models based on machine learning.

Explore new business frontiers and achieve concrete and measurable results, after only three months of project start-up, through the most suitable data modeling for your company.

Our models have the potential to apply to today’s industry, including:

  • marketing and sales
  • life-science
  • retail
  • telecommunications
  • manufacturing
  • banking and consumer credit

AI solutions and services

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to answer every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating it.

3rdEye AI

A solution based on alternative data to identify any risk element of the distribution counterparties.

Thanks to AI, we are increasingly accelerating the process of virtuous contamination and mutual enhancement of disciplines, aptitudes, methodologies and sectors.

Research & Development

Diversity and Inclusion applied to Alternative Data.

Proprietary Data and Alternative Data: Even more value, together.