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Datrix: Martina Costa, New Group CMO


In the key year of the AI, Datrix focuses on communication to consolidate growth in Italy and abroad

Milan, 24th January 2024 – Datrix, a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan specializing in the development of Augmented Analytics solutions and services based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models, announces the appointment of Martina Costa as the Group’s new CMO, reporting directly to Fabrizio Milano D’Aragona, CEO and Co-Founder Datrix, who commented as follows: “2024 will be a decisive year for the development of AI and we will increasingly witness the impact of this new paradigm in every market and industry sector. For years Datrix has been investing in applications and significant projects in this field, both in Italy and abroad: we cannot but be a protagonist of this change. However, the increasing interest and noise around AI corresponds to a growing need for qualified information to avoid confusion in businesses and a growing gap between realities that face AI challenges at different speeds. This is why at Datrix we believe in a communication helping to create a “Symbiotic AI” that truly brings the world of AI technologies closer to the business activities of companies, thus generating sustainable economic and social impact. Datrix is getting more and more the spokesperson for authoritative and qualified AI communication: in this context the appointment of Martina Costa as the new CMO is the first, fundamental step in a path we have set for ourselves: to invest in a Marketing and Communication strategy with a broader scope, one that gives real substance to our vision”.

Martina Costa comes to Datrix with a rich background in Marketing and Communication: a humanities background in Italy and New York; MBA at the Politecnico di Milano; more than a decade of corporate experience gained in defining positioning and rebranding strategies in different sectors (from Entertainment to CPG, from Luxury Retail to Media) thanks to significant roles in international companies including Sky, Mattel and WPP. 

With such a diverse educational and professional background, Martina Costa offers a distinctive contribution to the Datrix team. In fact, not only will her role be essential for the strategic redefinition of the Datrix Group brand, but also for orchestrating and evolving the new communication and positioning strategies of the individual tech companies, in line with the program of expansion and consolidation in international markets, especially the US and MENA. 

Martina Costa commented as follows: “This is a tremendous momentum for the AI market: it is estimated that AI will produce a 7% increase in GDP by 2033 and 40% of jobs will be hit by AI in some way worldwide. The world is approaching the major technological turning point in its history, and the leaders’ decisions of any company will be pivotal to shape the future of society. I am therefore thrilled, through my new role at Datrix, to be at the very center of this cultural disruptive revolution where I have the opportunity to learn in the field, working alongside professionals of the caliber of Professor Enrico Zio, Scientific Director at Datrix. I am sure that the rebranding of the Group, as well as the new positioning and marketing strategies that will see the light of day in the upcoming months, will be able to support the Datrix ecosystem on its path to international growth. The vertical competencies of the Group companies will be reconciled with a more multifaceted perspective, in line with the spirit of a new Digital Humanism”.