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Datrix is the result of the combination of 3rdPlace and FinScience to create a new data-driven company specialised in Artificial Intelligence Applications

Datrix combines the competence and the skills in the Artificial Intelligence space stemming from the original management team of Google Italia and form a number of experienced individuals in the finance industry with relevant international expertise. The company employs more than 50 people ranging from data scientist, quantitative/data analyst, and marketing experts devoted to the development of solutions and services for the data driven transformation and growth of companies.

Milan, January 11th, 2019.

According to analysis performed by the Osservatorio Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence of Politecnico of Milano, the Italian market for Big Data Analytics will grow at a 20%+ rate in 2019. Being fully aware of the high potential of such market, 3rdPlace (an innovative PMI active from 2010 in user & customer AI area) and FinScience (innovative startup from 2017 in investment AI), decided at the start of 2019 to join their forces to create Datrix, the new operating data-driven holding company that combines abilities, skills, experiences and solutions of the two Artificial Intelligence companies, whose brands will continue to operate for specific client applications.

Over the years, 3rdPlace and FinScience have consolidated their presence in the market, offering to companies ranging from mid-cap to multinationals a very innovative methodology with efficient delivery times. Both companies are backed by qualified private investors with experience in private equity, investment banking, big data analytics and the fintech space. Both companies have also partners of various Horizon 2020 Program as technological partner, confirming their absolute standing.

The digital revolution and the finance world are converging more and more in a continuous dialogue/exchange of data, technologies and solutions. As a result of it, 3rdPlace and FinScience join forces as Datrix to exploit the synergies of the worlds with the aim of becoming a reference point for the Digital & Fintech Data Disruption in Europe.

Datrix will in brief develop and propose to its client base proprietary solutions and services within the realm of Artificial Intelligence as a way to accelerate the human intelligence rather than replacing it.

The deep knowledge of data management models and techniques allow Datrix to be a strong partner for the data driven growth of companies. Our approach includes the combination of traditional data and Alternative Data (real “big” data often unstructured coming from digital environments as social, blog, forum, e-commerce platforms, maps, …) through proprietary algorithms and machine learning applications, scoring and innovative digital diffusion metrics to increase the clients’ customer intelligence and provide solutions to the financial world.

Datrix offers today to International and Italian companies through the 3rdPlace brand the 3rdEye Dashboard and DataLysm, a customer data platform, both aimed at Data Governance & Digital Empowerment applications. On the other side, FinScience is specialising in the provision of alternative data dashboards and analysis to Banks, Asset & Wealth Managers, Investor Relations managers and in providing innovative quantitative solution for investors based on advanced machine learning techniques and alternative data.

Datrix is not just the plain sum of 3rdPlace and FinScience. It’s the appropriate and necessary step to provide companies with solutions, services and skills in Big Data space and in an integrated way

– says Fabrizio Milano D’Aragona, co-founder of Datrix -.

Datrix will operate as an operating holding and consolidate the experience and the professional background of a group of pioneers in the data analysis and aims at maximizing the synergies between the customer and the alternative data spaces.

With a team of more than 50 people (Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Project Managers and Developers located in Milan, Rome and Cagliari), Datrix is the data driven partner also for small and medium-sized enterprises who consider the digital world as a growth factor and for large companies alike.

In addition to the recruitment of new specialized resources thanks to the partnership with Universities and Centres of Research, the strategy of Datrix involves the acquisition of companies (both start-ups and scale-ups) in Italy and abroad to consolidate its presence and add complementary professional and analytic skills.