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Datrix group together with Unitus, brings ai to the Center: “AI4Future” is the dissemination event for businesses and students in Central Italy

Datrix Group, which has always been keen to promote digital culture on topics related to technological progress and AI, is organizing on October 21th an event together with the University of Tuscia and the Alumni Association and the Patronage of Regione Lazio: “AI4Future – AI for businesses, the unavoidable evolution.” Participation is free upon registration at datrixgroup.com/ai4future

In the beautiful setting of the University of Viterbo, between the Aula Magna, the Auditorium and the Cloister of Santa Maria in Gradi, some of the most authoritative voices on the topic of Artificial Intelligence will gather together with institutions and businesses in the area, as well as students of the University.

The event aims to be the point of reference and comparison for companies and students from Central Italy, who intend not only to approach Artificial Intelligence as a subject of study, but also to understand its specific potential for their company, their business, their career.

To do so, it is necessary to know the current and future scenario of technology development, to fully understand its risks and opportunities, so as to identify the possible solutions best suited to one’s needs.

The conference was created as a moment of training and debate aimed at making professionals, managers and students understand what could be the advantages, opportunities and criticalities in dealing with an Artificial Intelligence project, also analyzing real projects and real cases of application.

We’ll talk about very hot topics such as privacy, the transfer of consumers’ personal data, ethics and its relationship with technology, customer loyalty, the value of alternative data, AI for SMEs and the digital factory.

Moderator of the event will be Luciana Maci, Editorial Coordinator of EconomyUp, while speakers will include exceptional names from the corporate and technology world, such as Piero Poccianti, former President of AIXIA, Gianna Martinengo, President of Women & Technologies, and Stefano Gatti, author of ‘The Culture of Data’, as well as several speakers from the Datrix Group, University and local Institutions.

“In recent years, the Artificial Intelligence scenario is evolving enormously in Italy, not only in Milan. That’s why, in collaboration with the University of Tuscia, we conceived this conference dedicated to AI, which focuses on the potential of Central Italy,” comments Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of Datrix Group. “Datrix focuses on internationalization but also on the territory, because the one cannot exist without the other, the other-from-itself cannot exist without knowing perfectly the self, who we are and where we come from. This for us is at the heart of the concept of Human Intelligence, of which Artificial Intelligence is an enabler, an amplifier, not something that replaces but something that enriches, speeds up, empowers.”

These themes will be joined by moments dedicated to students, with an entire afternoon of full immersion on European Research Projects that use Artificial Intelligence, a workshop themed “AI4U,” where they will be involved in AI-based streamlining of the processes they experience every day, and an in-depth look at the Professions of the Future with the opportunity to leave their CVs with the companies present.

“Universities must increasingly provide students with those tools that will enable them to adapt to a rapidly changing future of work. As a matter of fact, our University has been setting a path for years to encourage and spread digital culture, including AI as a fundamental element, also through the collaboration with specialized partners and the support of our Alumni”, explains Prof. Stefano Ubertini, Rector of the University of Tuscia.