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Adapex (Datrix Group) announces the partnership with U.S. platform PremiumMedia360 to enhance its offering in the world of CTV


Adapex, an AdTech company of the Datrix Group, announces a partnership with PremiumMedia360 (PM360), a leading U.S. advertising data automation company that applies its solutions to some of the leading U.S. television networks, to improve efficiency and ad management in the innovative Connected TV (CTV) market. 

Connected TV (CTV) refers to a television device that enables streaming video content; some examples are Hulu, YouTube, Roku, Netflix, and Apple TV. CTV advertising, then, is a form of digital advertising that appears on smart TVs or Internet-connected TVs in which the ads are technically a subset of OTT (over the top) advertising, i.e., a means of delivering Web content on demand, based on the needs of the individual TV consumer.

Connected TV, with its impact on the evolving advertising landscape, is a market now worth more than $21 billion worldwide that is shifting significant traditional broadcasting budgets to connected TV. According to eMarketer data, CTV is the fastest growing video channel in the U.S.: more than 53 percent of video viewing on all devices occurs on CTV, surpassing mobile as the device with the largest share of global video impressions. 

With this in mind, Adapex, a U.S. company of the Datrix Group and a leader in digital advertising operations to maximize monetization through programmatic advertising, has active agreements with major CTV publisher networks and aggregators and, already in 2022, achieved significant results with revenues of about €5.8 million for the entire Data Monetization area (+85% over the previous year), 26% of which can be attributed precisely to the CTV segment.

PM360’s technology simplifies CTV purchasing through a connection with the Adapex network, which will be able to further expand the audience of CTV networks with which to operate, increasing the catchment area and efficiency in ADV management. Indeed, PM360 not only automates operational workflows for agencies and media sellers, but also provides error-free data integration and real-time analytics, leading to faster and more efficient transactions. 

Buyers will then have the ability to manage media orders, server traffic and performance data in one place, simplifying the inventory buying process and campaign reporting. In addition, campaign data is automatically streamlined and reconciled in real time, providing comprehensive reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard. Finally, it will be possible to target campaigns using first-party data and audience data from the Adapex network in a privacy-compliant environment, providing optimal experiences for consumers.

We are excited to be partnering with PM360 to improve and simplify the CTV inventory buying and selling process,” said Andrew Moskowitz, Chief Revenue Officer of Adapex. “IntegratingCLIR CTV into our ad stack allows Adapex to automate data transformation and delivery. This enables us to maximize selling opportunities for our CTV content owners and bring an agnostic solution to agency partners. ”  

Our partnership with Adapex brings the complete picture of television and CTV into a single dashboard where buyers can track audience delivery and pace campaign spending in one screen,” said Robert DeGennaro, President and CEO of PremiumMedia360. “Buyerswill have the ability to holistically report television and video campaigns in CLIR CTV, a central platform that automates ordering, trafficking, and delivery performance. Buyers will be able to extend campaign delivery across all sight, sound, and motion channels through a multitude of suppliers accessed through Adapex.” 

This transaction is part of Datrix’s common goals related to the scalability and technological innovation of its solutions and, above all, expansion into international markets, evidenced by the work of Adapex in the US – and the newly formed partnership with Seed Group in the Middle East – and the increase in the incidence of foreign markets on Datrix Group’s revenues in 2022 to 39 percent of total revenues, up from 15 percent in 2021.