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FattoreMamma-Media chooses DataLit.AI for customer intelligence and monetization

The collaboration concerns first party data, integration with CRM and improvement of monetization on programmatic advertising.

The FattoreMamma-Media network of sites and apps, which aggregates and develops innovative channels of relationship with mothers, with a particular focus on pregnancy and early childhood, has chosen DataLit.AI, the technological framework based on Artificial Intelligence of the Datrix group, specialized in Augmented Analytics.

The objective is:

  • increase and optimize the collection and analysis of first-party data relating to customers registered on the digital properties of the network (data governance),
  • integrate first-party digital data with CRM in a specially developed data lake (data integration),
  • apply predictive profiling machine learning models to non-registered users to transform them, like registered users, into advertising audiences (data modeling),
  • maximizing revenues from programmatic advertising (data activation & monetization).

The activities are a clear demonstration of the innovation and farsightedness of FattoreMamma-Media, starting with the first-party data, the collection of which is assuming strategic importance in light of recent cookie-less initiatives.  First party data are proprietary data, collected and extracted from the company through its own channels, digital and not digital. They are much more respectful of the customer’s privacy, because they are based on a relationship of mutual trust, and do not contrast at all, on the contrary, with the possibilities of marketing personalization that can be activated. However, data that can express their maximum potential only if correctly analyzed and integrated. In fact, customers travel different paths online and offline: they look for information and products through their home or office computer, with their mobile phone or talking to smart speakers or calling customer services or going to the points of sale or interacting with a chatbot, and so on.

All traces and interactions must be meticulously collected, always respecting privacy. Only in this way, it will be possible to have a unified view of the consumer, his customer journey and his experience. To extract value from data and transform them into insights and actions, human intelligence must necessarily be supported by artificial intelligence technologies capable of verifying a similar amount of data and all the correlation variables between them.

The DataLit.AI solution collects and analyzes in detail the first-party socio-demographic data (very analytically, for example up to the postcode) and relating to the behavior and interests of readers, it can predict their propensity to buy and consequently profiles the inventory granularly. It’s easy to understand how this activity is carried out in the interest of advertisers looking for unconventional audiences, in order to obtain better conversion rates and therefore better returns on their advertising investments.

About FattoreMamma-Media

FattoreMamma-Media is a vertical media company on the mother-family world that has been supporting FattoreMamma since 2016, completing its commercial proposal aimed at companies that intend to activate an effective relationship with the mother- family target. FattoreMamma offers its clients effective contents and influencer marketing solutions, specific to the brands’ needs and addressed primarily to families and to women in particular. With MammacheClub it has created a community of mothers that has over 500.000 members, with an increase of about 8.000 new mothers per month, which in 2019 was joined by Mammachetest, a service dedicated to product tests and reviews with over 180.000 reviews collected in the first year, and, in 2020, by Mammacheshop, e-commerce dedicated to mothers. Through the partnership with innovative companies in the early childhood segment, FM-Media offers a unique system for the relationship with new mothers and new families: OB Science (publisher of iMamma and leader in mobile-apps on pregnancy and early months), DNA (publisher of Coccolesonore, Youtube channel leader in content for early childhood), Bambinopoli (active in the sampling dedicated to the world of mothers since 2001).