AI projects dedicated to IT security for companies, industries and the Public Administration.

Completed project

AI for cybersecurity

This project includes the creation of an Artificial Intelligence engine to identify and address cyber security risks for PAs and SMEs.

Completed project

AI for cybersecurity

Expanding the CS-AWARE project, Datrix is the technological engine of a consortium of 21 partners from 8 European countries, to develop information security machine learning models for the supply chains of manufacturing industries.

AIA Guard

The project aims at a concrete and innovative response against Artificial Intelligence attacks – the so-called AIA – by identifying possible vulnerabilities associated with machine-learning components, analyzed during all the implementation phases (software development, database creation, model training, production release, etc). The main goal is to harden AI modules in a fully automated and schedulable way, providing detailed reporting with identified risks and vulnerabilities.


Collaborating with our Danish partner RheaSoft ApS and assemble a team of strong competencies in the field of ICT, AI, cybersecurity, product design, and commercialisation strategy, through the SecurIT project we aim at bringing our cybersecurity solution AIA Guard to the next level.



We develop sustainable AI-based solutions to grow Research and business for companies.