Social utility

AI projects applied to different sectors, united by a strong social impact.

Completed project

Next generation reader

As part of the 2014-2020 PON for Research and Innovation, the MUR financed the OpenEYE project, developed by PaperLit, which is very experienced in the digital transformation of Publishing and in the distribution of content via mobile and smart speakers.

PaperLit also closely collaborated with 3rdPlace and the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari.
thanks to a newly developed reader, this 18-month project created a platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows people with visual impairments to listen to content written on paper through Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Completed project

Machine Learning and alternative data

This project aims to collect, store and monitor data from different web and social network sources (such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google news, vertical blogs) in order to predict the outcome of political events or the trend of particular financial assets.

SSIX had been used to make more accurate predictions about the 2016 Brexit referendum, the 2018 German general election, and the stock price within the S&P 500.

Personalized tourism

This project was born to collect and process alternative data on tourist behavior, in order to provide personalized recommendations, through the development of a specific AI model, a data archive in native format in a Data Lake and Machine Learning algorithms that can integrate data and extract the most relevant insights.

Through a more precise customer segmentation, personalized marketing actions can be activated for every tourist, monitoring accommodation facilities from multiple sources (Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Booking) almost in real time, for a more realistic view of their evaluations.

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