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ESG Scoring AI

To fully assess corporate ESG commitments, combining internal data with alternative external data, measuring the actual sentiment of stakeholders.

Thematic Investing AI

To identify long-term investment trends and optimize stock picking accordingly, monitoring them in real time through sentiment analysis and interest rate.

Custom Projects

Personalized Data Modeling activity to respond to every business question in a scalable and transparent way, collecting the most relevant data and activating it.

Retention AI

To understand clients, segment audiences and to build customer loyalty, merging the data available on multiple touchpoints and easily integrating different platforms.

Trend AI

To get relevant information on your trends of interest before competitors, monitor products and services, identify changes in the market demand, and therefore write content on the hot topics.

Anomaly AI

To promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website, starting from drops registered on Search Console.


A solution to make the entire file processing process more efficient by automating reading, checking, analysis and data entry.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, so you can interpret and activate more data, faster.

Applications areas

ESG, thematic investments and document analysis: AI makes the difference.

We develop all-round solutions to revolutionize the industry in all its applications:

  • Assess the impact of ESG policies on individual companies and sectors by integrating alternative data to that stated in financial statements and sustainability reports
  • Integrate alternative data solutions into asset specialist structures to monitor investments and identify new opportunities
  • Innovate credit risk assessment by harnessing artificial intelligence
  • Optimize search, classification and internal document reading by leveraging artificial intelligence-based solutions
  • Manage new customers thanks to proprietary solutions: from the analysis of internal and external data to the prioritization of appointments requested in the branch
  • Increase the retention rate of the existing customer base by identifying higher-value segments where cross & up-selling actions can be activated