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Turn your store into a unique and complete project: AI and Machine Learning to grow your business.

360° Solutions for Retail


A solution based on alternative data to identify any risk element of the distribution counterparties.

Anomaly AI

To promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website, starting from responses registered on Search Console.

Relevanty AI

To understand clients, segment audiences and to build customer loyalty, merging the data available on multiple touchpoints and easily integrating different platforms.

Trend AI

To get relevant information on your trends of interest before competitors, monitor products and services, identify changes in the market demand, and therefore write content on the hot topics.

Custom Projects

Customizable solutions to optimize the supply chain, digital marketplaces, marketing actions, market analysis, in order to improve performance for businesses in the large-scale consumption sector.

Be data-driven, to really control your strategy.

From the right target to the best retention strategy.

Step by step, fine-tune your strategy for rapid and lasting, truly data-driven growth.

  • Understand your market in depth
    Discover trends, hidden opportunities, niches in your target market and competitor positioning, with a strategic analysis involving all marketing variables.
  • Optimize your website and advertising
    Get a complete setup to have your Ecommerce always visible on search engines, with a ROI-oriented approach to advertising.
  • Speak to the right target audience
    Identify the needs and pain points of your target audience and find the most effective ways to reach them, including drive-to-store strategies.
  • Simplify logistics
    Manage store creation, orders, shipping and payments directly from one platform.
  • Measure performance
    Identify the most relevant metrics based on your business objectives and type of business, fostering integration between the online and offline worlds.