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We are a distinct, cross-functional group of companies, to multiply the potential in four clearly defined areas.

Datrix is not just the sum of its companies: it is the tool needed to provide integrated solutions, services and expertise to companies.

Machine Learning Model Serving


Aramix was born from the combination of the experiences and valuable skills of Aramis and 3rdPlace: the playerwhose main goal is to develop descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data science models that apply AI to management and industrial processes to make them more efficient.
Learn more at aramix.ai

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AI for FinTech


FinScience is a fintech company that collects, interprets and weighs Alternative Data from various sources and combines it with traditional datasets for advanced monitoring and investment purposes. In order to improve the actions of Asset Management, Wealth Management and ESG Management.
Find out more on FinScience.com

AI for Marketing & Sales


ByTek is the martech company specialized in proprietary Artificial Intelligence software solutions to measure and enhance marketing performance.
Find out more on ByTek.ai

AI for Data Monetization


PaperLit is a tech company specialised in the digital transformation of Publishing, content distribution and monetization on mobile devices and through smart speakers.
Find out more on PaperLit.com

AI for Data Monetization


Adapex is the adtech company that helps Publishers and content producers to maximize their advertising revenue through expert optimization of all programmatic channels and partnerships. It was one of the first companies to dig into digital advertising operations to simplify and optimize monetization.
Find out more on Adapex.io

We will help you apply AI and a data-driven approach to your business.

We make a difference

  1. for the methodological approach and execution times,
  2. for our ability to govern innovative and modular technologies,
  3. for our data monetisation models and techniques,
  4. for partners and the management team,
  5. for our digital experience in the various industries,
  6. for being able to innovate through alternative data,
  7. for the ability to detect weak signals,
  8. for the scalability of outputs.