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Datrix, Artificial Intelligence for business growth

We develop sustainable AI-based solutions to grow your company’s business.

Business Areas

Improving marketing and sales performance by linking transparent artificial intelligence, reliable data and business expertise.

Creating circular and transparent value from data obtained with user consent through AI technologies.

To help Financial Services extract/distill valuable information in innovative ways through AI-based technologies and unconventional alternative data.

Helping organizations compete in the data age by developing applications and artificial intelligence models that generate increased revenue or reduced costs for all business functions.

Our solutions combine internal corporate data with the most relevant external data.

They enhance capabilities and valorize human experiences, improving and simplifying decisions, actions, processes and business results, for solid and lasting growth.

Sustainable AI Solutions

Growing revenues and savings

To amplify efficiency, speed, resilience, revenue and savings for businesses of all sizes.

Circular and Inclusive Data Economy

The aim is to create a circular and inclusive data economy in which those who consent to the use of their information also gain.

Maximum Transparency

Data, processes and value are transparent to all stakeholders.

Gdpr compliant

Our solutions are all privacy-compliant.

Resource Optimization

Leverage sustainable, agile, flexible and scalable infrastructures, such as cloud as a service and pay-per-use, to optimize resources and reduce waste.

SDG Goals

Help Datrix and all our customers achieve the SDG goals promoted by the UN.

AI for business

AI should not replace human intelligence, but rather accelerate it in a synergetic and sustainable way.

The purpose of AI is to optimize people’s work, making it more effective and faster by exploiting existing strengths and the ability to process different data.

The sheer volume of data and the continuous integration of non-standard information sources is driving more and more companies to demand interpretative and application solutions.

With Datrix, instead of investing in large technology stacks with long implementation times, you get smart solutions with a direct and substantial impact on returns.