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Equal opportunities and diversity management Plan

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Directorate’s commitment Letter
A. Objectives of the Datrix GEP
B. The Key Area of actions
1. Gender equality in recruitment, wages and work processes
2. Work-life balance, parenthood and organizational culture
3. Training activities to promote gender equality
4. Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment


Directorate’s commitment Letter


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to present to you the Plan of equal opportunities and diversity management (the “Datrix GEP”).

The Datrix GEP aims at carrying out actions to reduce gender asymmetries, and at the same time allow the enhancement of all the diversities linked, for example, to gap age, culture, physical ability, sexual orientation, multilingualism

The philosophy guiding the Datrix GEP is that inclusion does not mean trying to fix or change individuals, because it has to be dealt as part of our educational reality and thus we are all called to contribute to this change of trajectory and create a society free from prejudices and stereotypes, able to include everybody, understanding that diversity is a treasure

The Datrix GEP and its actions reflect Datrix’s commitment to (i) advance in gender equality; (ii) increase the inclusion of all diversities; (iii) advance towards a beneficial work-life balance; (iv) prepare women for the advancement of their careers; (v) attract women and diverse profiles of researchers to decision making positions and foster the incorporation of the gender perspectives in research, to highlight some of the main objectives. 

The Datrix GEP is a tool thought to help this cultural change and replace all the discriminating situations with equal opportunities situations. 

We rely on the participation and commitment from all our members, in particular from those in senior roles, to make our Company advance in gender equality where there is no discrimination of any type.


Chief Executive Officer

Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona


  • Objectives of the Datrix GEP


The objectives for the present plan are the following:

  • Increase Datrix´s commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities through raising awareness of topics such as gender bias and stereotypes.
  • Help to advance towards a beneficial work-life balance for everyone with a special focus on parents and other caretakers of all genders and for persons with disabilities.
  • Prepare women for the advancement of their careers reducing the leaky pipeline and scissor figure dynamic.
  • Attract women and diverse profiles of researchers to decision making positions.
  • Incorporate gender perspectives in research.
  • Include the gender and diversity perspective into how we define performance and success at Datrix. 
  • Stay updated and make sure our gender and diversity actions are going through a constant learning and feedback process.


  • The Key Area of actions


Datrix will achieve its objectives intervening in specific key area as here below indicated:


Key Area 1:  Gender equality in recruitment, wages and work processes

Key Area 2: Work-life balance, parenthood and organizational culture

Key Area 3: Training activities to promote gender equality

KeyArea 4: Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.


1. Gender equality in recruitment, wages and work processes

Datrix is committed to an equal gender division within all employment categories. 

In this regard, Datrix boasts a significant female presence in the whole team, with a larger presence among the scientific and management positions. 

As indicated here below, Datrix have puts attention to the gender balance:

  • the total of employees working in Datrix Group as of January 2023 numbers 138 people. 
  • the team, intended as the sum of both employees and contractors, is well-balanced in terms of gender, although women are still the majority.

Datrix always monitors gender balance in its departments and companies, because the gender issue is considered as a primary factor. Nevertheless, people’s performance is valued on experiences and abilities to meet the results expected by their role; this applies both during people’s selection and their day-to-day job. 

Datrix always monitors the gender balance within its companies and teams and takes gender gaps into consideration during the recruitment phases. 

The gender equality in recruitment, wages and responsibilities applies to senior management and decision-making positions. 

Datrix also aims for equality when it comes to people’s working practices and this implies that Datrix always guarantees and appropriate inductions for new entries, specific treatments for persons with disabilities in order to allow them to work efficiently.



  • We formulate our announcements of vacant positions in a way that we do not give undue advantage to the overrepresented gender. 
  • When deciding on wages, the equality aspects are always taken into consideration in order to avoid salary unbalance due to gender or any other discriminatory aspects. 
  • Ensure new joiners receive all the needed coaching and on the job training opportunities throughout their career.



  • To monitor the gender balance within the team in every department.
  • To ensure that gender does not affect individuals’ wages and work environment.
  • To ensure that all staff have equal access to information regarding work and their rights.
  • When recruiting a new employee, always consider the gender equality plan; 
  • Define strategic objectives per each member of the team, to allow them to improve their competencies and facilitate their career progress.


2. Work-life balance, parenthood and organizational culture

Datrix believes that our persons are our unique “asset” and their work-life balance needs have always been considered as a key point. 

Recently, due to the consequences of the pandemic emergency which changed our work life and work habits, therefore we have introduced ad-hoc work-life balance policies in order to meet the professional needs of our staff while ensuring people’s safety. 

Remote working was introduced before the Covid 19 emergencies just to ensure everybody to join our Company, because we have always thought that remote working is a magnificent way to eliminate barriers and allow anybody from across the world to join our team. 

To improve the skills of the team and to facilitate the knowledge exchange, a map of skills will be filled in by the team members. All members of the staff and contractors will be asked to use such tools to indicate their skills and to express the working areas they would like to explore. This tool will allow the organization to ground its growth on the skills and the aspirations of the members of our team. 

From the beginning of its constitution Datrix issued a maternity and paternity policy in line with the national legislation and possibly even beyond. Datrix claims a shared culture of equal opportunities as well as a strong value of inclusion in all members of its team. 

In this regard we are proud to support all the mothers and the fathers of our Company in the wonderful parenthood experience!





  • Since September 2022 employees have the possibility to work remotely for 100% of their work time;
  • Our range working time is between 8.30-18.30 compliant to every goal or task assigned;  
  • Maternity and paternity leave policy is in place;
  • Equal opportunities and inclusion as a fundamental value of organizational culture are in place.



  • To improve a strong culture of equal opportunities and inclusion among the whole team. 
  • To extend the work-life balance opportunities and  improve the protection of parenthood.
  • Map of competencies to collect working aptitudes and wishes of the team, in order to favor a smooth growth of the organization. 
  • Possible extension of the paternity leave over the limit fixed by the national law.
  • Possible introduction of further work-life facilitations for parents.


3. Training activities to promote gender equality

Datrix does not suffer from inequalities and nobody among the team ever reported inappropriate behaviors. 

We can rely on open minded team members and the respect for differences, religious, linguistic, cultural or sexual is an integral part of our culture and this value has never been put in discussion. 

However, we are expanding our Company over foreign countries which have different cultures and backgrounds and education, therefore we will plan dedicated training initiatives to promote gender equality and raise awareness among employees about the topic of gender identity and the Datrix Plan adopted. 

We will also put in place specific contests in order to spread the value of our Company and the importance to adhere to the Datrix GEP. 




  • The values of equality and inclusivity are fundamental parts of our values shared with the whole team. 



  • To organize training to present the Datrix GEP to the whole team, to promote gender equality and inform about gender diversity.
  • To increase the sensitivity of the team towards such topics.
  • Training plan for meeting with experts to enhance the awareness within the team of gender equality and gender identity issues.
  • Measure the level of interest, collect feedback and inputs to improve future activity and align it with the needs and the feelings of the team. 


 4. Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment

We usually think that gender based violence shall include sexual actions and that this can involve and hurt only female persons. 

Nevertheless, if we search for the definition of “sexual harassment” we can read that is “Any form of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature occurs, with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”. 

Acutally, there are two legally recognized types of sexual harassment:

  • quid pro quo sexual harassment that occurs when an individual’s submission to or rejection of sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting the individual or the individual’s submission to such conduct is made a term or condition of employment.
  • hostile environment sexual harassment that occurs when unwelcome sexual conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s job performance or creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive work environment even though the harassment may not result in tangible or economic job consequences, that is, the person may not lose pay or a promotion. It can also include ignoring, freezing out, or not cooperating with someone because of his or her sex. 

In Datrix any one can contact our HR department and freely speak to ask help and assistance should one of the above situations occur. 

Our HR Team is well trained to deal with such situations and it is responsible for investigating the circumstances, in compliance with individual privacy, and taking any required action to address such violations/humiliations and prevent them from occurring in the future. 

Disciplinary measures are provided against any employee or employer who is found guilty of such harassment.



  • The internal policy provides a contact to express any inappropriate behavior which goes against our values.  
  • Disciplinary actions against such actions/behaviors.



  • To maintain a work and teaching environment free from sexual harassment.
  • Take preventive action against sexual harassment. 
  • Conduct annual performance reviews in which the psychosocial work environment and possible violations on the bases of gender are discussed.



The Gender Equality Plan is a priority at Datrix. 

We consider gender balance as an important indicator to be monitored while capabilities of individuals and their well-being come first. We are really committed to offer equal opportunities to all its members, regardless of gender.

The gender issue is kept in close consideration and ensures a good balance among the team. Development and tracking of the measures contained in the plan will be performed through the points summarizing the actions and the goals to be achieved by 2050. 

The HR department will monitor the progress and update the plan accordingly in order to guarantee the achievement of all the objectives and ensure a better working environment for everybody, inclusive, secure and free from all kinds of discrimination and prejudice!