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Datrix acquires PaperLit to grow with data monetization.

The Datrix Group has acquired PaperLit, the tech company specialised in the digital transformation of the Publishing Industry, adding Artificial Intelligence for the distribution and monetization of content. PaperLit represents the second strategic component for Datrix, after ByTek, to complete the integrated range of scalable Artificial Intelligence solutions for Marketing, Sales and Finance.

Datrix, a group specialised in Artificial Intelligence applications for the data-driven transformation and growth of companies, has acquired 100% of PaperLit, the tech company with headquarters in Cagliari, specialised in the distribution and monetization of content on mobile devices and smart speakers for publishers and brands.

Established in 2009 in Menlo Park, California, PaperLit has revolutionised the way publishers around the world transform and distribute print publications on mobile devices (with the platform now renamed MobiLit). Over the past few years, more and more brands and publishers who are strategically engaged in the production of original content have chosen PaperLit. In order to cater to the evolving needs of the market and thanks to the collaboration with the other tech companies of the Datrix group, new products have been added to PaperLit’s offering:

VoiceLit, for the distribution of content through smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo and Google Home) aimed at publishers and brands;
DocLit, to extract and summarize relevant content within text, aimed at companies in all sectors;
MagPedia, to monetise the publisher’s archive, including text extraction, automatic SEO analysis and content optimization.

By exploiting the synergies of the Datrix group, PaperLit is now able to provide companies not only with the tools nececcary for the digital transformation and innovation of their content, but also with the ability to get to know and reach their clients and users better and to therefore take effective decisions based on data. It does so thanks to collaboration with the other tech companies of the Datrix group: 3rdPlace, ByTek e FinScience .

Only a few weeks after the acquisition of ByTek, I am pleased to be able to announce the second strategic operation. We have signed an agreement for the total purchase of PaperLit” – states Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, former top manager of Google Italy and CEO of Datrix – “We chose it because its specific activities complement those of the other companies in our Group, and this now enables us to offer our existing clients solutions linked to the monetization of the data extracted from the content and to increase our authoritativeness as regards our future clients. Datrix is also beginning to assess the entry of new investors who share the industrial prospects outlined inter alia by the two recent acquisitions”.

We deliberately chose Datrix – said Luca Filigheddu, CEO of PaperLit – for its approach which respects and leverages differences in order to expand opportunities. We are strongly motivated to pursue this new path, because the collaboration between our companies, which has already been in place for some months, has shown that a strong market demand exists for our new products based on Artificial Intelligence technologies, first and foremost those of content distribution through smart speakers, and secondly for integrated solutions which see the group’s tech companies work together in response to the complex needs of companies, such as the creation and targeted channelling of data-driven content”.

With its data-based operating methodology and continuous focus on innovation, PaperLit has been able to quickly win the trust of clients, many of which are international companies, such as Forbes, Swatch Group, Mediamarket, Taunton Press, Mondadori, Conde Nast.

The CBA team, made up of counsel Milena Prisco and the associate Elena Beccegato, has assisted Datrix with regard to the legal aspects of the operation.

In its offices in Milan, Rome, Cagliari and Viterbo, Datrix works in 4 areas:
1. Data Empowerment
2. Data Platforms
3. Data Monetization
4. Quantamental Investing

Datrix’s approach involves the direct development of technology, solutions and services based on Artificial Intelligence, where this is not seen as a substitute, but as an accelerator of human intelligence (AI meaning Augmented Intelligence).

Datrix collaborates with large companies in all sectors, but also represents a data-driven partner for SMEs which recognise digital technology as a growth factor. Today, with the cloud and solutions presented by the tech companies of the Datrix group, the technological and economic conditions finally exist to do so.

Datrix is on the Board of the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, is active in corporate training through ByTek with the TAG Innovation School and, in conjunction with the University of Tuscia, is organising the Summer School on Data Science and Machine Learning to be held in Viterbo from 16 to 27 September next.

In addition to Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, among the founders of Datrix are Mauro Arte (Chief Operating Officer), former head of YouTube Italy, and Claudio Zamboni (Chief Revenue Officer), a former Google employee, in charge of the Education, Entertainment and Telecommunications departments.

Other Datrix shareholders include: Marco Belmondo, Ugo Pastori, Giuseppe Galimberti, Massimo Prelz Oltramonti, Guido Ferrarini, Andrea Salvati, Gellify.